Redirecting Children's Behavior Online Course

Parenting Training to Transform Your Family

Are You Ready to Bring the Joy Back into Parenting?

In the Redirecting Children's Behavior Online Course, you’ll get proven skills that easily redirect misbehavior while building strong and loving connections with your kids. 

  • Are you a frustrated parent looking for a solution to your child’s challenging behavior?
  •  Maybe you've already taken a live parenting course, but need a refresher.
  • Perhaps you're just looking to improve and finetune your parenting skills!

No matter which category you fall in, the Redirecting Children's Behavior Online Course is the answer you’ve been searching for. Now is the time to do something about it.

What's Inside the Redirecting Children's Behavior Online Course?

  • Total Access to the Videos and Course Components 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for an entire year!
  • 38 Video Clips of instruction, led by San Diego Parent of the Year Recipient and Redirecting Children's Behavior Master Instructor, Susie Walton. They total over 4 hours of solid video instruction.
  • Written Instruction to accompany every lesson. Read the text on your computer or mobile device, or print it out to read on the go!
  • Workbook Pages designed to guide you through your learning. Download the pages so you could fill them out by hand!
  • A series of emails designed to help pace your learning, keep you motivated to continue, and provide extra articles and blog entries that pertain to the lessons in the course.
  • Bonus Material to further your knowledge! This body of bonus material changes regularly, so the learning can continue even AFTER you complete the course! 

Instead of just telling you what to do, we go one better… WE SHOW YOU how to do it– in several enacted role plays designed to help you see some common parenting mistakes and what to do instead! From the very first session, your perspective will change and more importantly, your kids’ behavior will improve.

You’ll learn why you’re child misbehaves. Then you’ll learn how to remedy the issue from the root. Redirecting Children’s Behavior is proactive parenting, not reactive parenting. What really matters is you’ll get results you want!


Incredible Value

How much would you pay for the tools you can use to build the family of your dreams? Live parenting courses can cost as much as $400 or more, and you'd still have to struggle with childcare and scheduling. Similar online parenting courses can be just as expensive.

The Redirecting Children's Behavior Online Course offers 38 instructional videos, written lessons, and a thought-provoking workbook at only $247 for an entire year! That works out to about $4.75 week!  The information in this course is invaluable, but we're offering it at this affordable price because we want you to experience parenting success. 


How Will The Course Be Delivered?

You will receive a username and password to access the Redirecting Children's Behavior Online Class. All you need is a computer or mobile device or a working internet connection. Log in whenever is convenient for YOU. Before the kids wake up, after they've been put to sleep, while they're at school... Whenever!  Pause the video when you get an important phone call, then unpause when you're ready. Log in whenever... Susie's videos are always there for you.

What Parents Are Saying About the Course

Since my wife and I have taken the Redirecting Children's Behavior Online Course, I’ve noticed a marked change in our home life. We’re just a lot calmer as a family—especially in the mornings. No more yelling and no more rushed panic to get out the door. We start off every day on the right foot.”      – Aron, New Step-Dad

“You know the kind of parent you always say you’re going to be before you have kids? After taking this course, I’m finally the parent I always wanted to be! Patience, focus, purpose, and direction. That’s what this website has given me.”     – Terri, Mom of 1

"This course was the biggest gift I've ever given to me as a parent, and in turn, to my whole family. I don't know why I waited so long to take this course."  -Priscilla, Mom of 5


We know you’re tired of struggling with your kids’ misbehaviors. You can put an end to the power struggles, their misguided attempts to grab your attention at all costs, and your daily headaches—all while building your children’s self-confidence and sense of personal responsibility.

It’s a true win-win solution.

Parents everywhere are finding solutions in the Redirecting Children’s Behavior Online Course!


Redirecting Children's Behavior Online Course

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